Cut out your padding.

Cut out some material to pad with in a rough love heart shape.

Fold your padding over

Fold the padding so it will join on the inside of the rope.

Tape the padding in place.

Use fabric tape for this for plastic tape will cause your cover to slip down.

Cut out your leather cover

Cut out a leather piece roughly the same shape as the padding template.

Cut a slit up the centre fo the bar.

Punch holes around the entire perimetre.

N.B. For thimbles and fat padding

For trapezes with the thimbles welded around the bar or those with extra fat padding you'll need to cut and sew some darts into your leather.

Begin sewing.

Using waxed cotton twine, sew using dolphin stitch around the split in your template

Start around the bar.

Pull the split around the bar like a drawstring then tye it off.

Fold the leather around the padded section, ready to sew the seam up the outside of your rope.


Sew around the base.

I use an inside out blanket stitch. 

Pull the leather cover tightly around your padding as you go.

N.B. for those with pegs, you can sew up to the peg, tye off and use the previous draw string method to get to the other side of the peg, then continue sewing.

N.B. inside out blanket stitch

Go through the loop from your last stitch before the next stitch.

Use a half hitch.

Every 10cm or when you're attaching more thread, use a half hitch to pull the cover onto the padding.

A bit of glue

Add some glue to the last section of your leather before you stitch to help prevent the cover slipping down.

Sew the cover to the rope.

Once you get to the top, sew through the holes in the top of your leather and the trapeze rope.

Finish your stitching off.

Tye your thread off and pull the end through the rope to hide the knot.


Now you have a comfortable trapeze to work on.